How Infirmary Health Optimized EHR User Adoption – Q&A Transcript

How Infirmary Health Optimized EHR User Adoption – Q&A Transcript

How Infirmary Health Optimized EHR User Adoption – Q&A Transcript 


Yesterday we presented the webcast “How Infirmary Health Optimized EHR User Adoption”, where Infirmary Health’s CIO, Eddy Stephens, shared his experience leveraging ANCILE uPerform to deliver cost-effective training to over 800 physicians in less than 10 weeks. Eddy took questions live from the audience, and today we bring you the transcript.

If you missed the live event, you can always download the webcast recording here.

How would you describe the contribution of using uPerform to the goal of meaningful use in IH?

We would not have been able to achieve meaningful use skills without it. All of our organizations now have meaningful use objectives, we are on stage 6 of the adoption model, working on a few items to reach stage 7.  The educational capabilities we’ve been able to utilize through Ancile helped us meet specific goals. We also used Ancile in our patient engagement and on our patient portal.

Other than gaining efficiency and cost savings from training, were you able to leverage uPerform in other aspects? ie. testing, project documentation, knowledge tracking/reporting or compliance?

Yes, definitely. For example, we had compliance training for physicians who were not attached to HealtStream because they were not employed, just affiliated, and did not have the access to the traditional in-house education we use. We were able to provide that compliance education and document it through Ancile. Same for patient safety education, we had to reach outside of our network, and using Ancile we made videos and materials that are available to anyone with internet access, and we can also provide reporting on it.

What were the end-users’ perception of this training methodology? Did physicians embrace the online training better than classroom training?

Yes, they did. We had devised a 30-minute session to show everyone how Ancile uPerform worked, and many of our physicians were not even willing to grant us that window for classroom time. So the online possibility to replace regular classroom training was well received. Now the majority of our physicians use online training and go back to it regularly when they have questions such as “how do I enter a medication order”, as the system links directly to Ancile to access on-the-spot education on specific items. There’s no way we could have educated the critical mass we needed in such a short time without an online tool like Ancile.

Did you do any classroom training for your go-lives?

Yes, we also did classroom training. We always make classroom training available because there’s a percentage of staff and physicians who want it. We try to be adaptive and give classroom options so everyone can learn the way they need. With the tool, our classroom trainings have become much more focused. We have also used the Ancile uPerform product to train consultants who offer support after a new system deployment –  so they learn how the system they implemented functions in our organization.

What other applications outside of EPIC, were you able to leverage uPerform for?

We have used it on Health Quest, and also particularly on home grown technology. Our leadership is very pleased that now they have a tool to onboard and train new employees. We made expert users generate that material in the “show me, guide me, teach me and test me” modes where everyone can see how it is supposed to work. This allowed us to cut down on that orientation time, especially for the home-grown systems, and make our staff more productive quicker. And after the training is done, they can always go back to it for reference.

Does uPerform have LMS capabilities? What is the main added value of uPerform vs a regular LMS?

The advantage I saw was that we could sit down and capture a workflow and then go back to provide a voiceover for that flow. Huge gain, we had been struggling with that in other tools. The edit capabilities are also great – whenever we make a change to our system we can edit our learning environment easily and have it up immediately. We also found the tracking feature useful to track compliance and see who is actually taking the courses. The whole education management is very helpful.

You mentioned that you leveraged Ancile for nurse training as well, can you please give more details on this?

We have a nursing education department that orients nurses as they come in, and they use Ancile to make their education materials. Our active training staff develops the curricula through the tool so that the nursing orientation staff can use it – nursing orientation is a large process that goes beyond the computer time, but they use the tool to orient nurses. Same happens with the 500 student nurses that we take on per semester – they use the tool to get up to speed and be able to go on the floor to help the active nursing staff.

What made you come to the decision of using Ancile for training instead of utilizing the Playground environment in Epic?

The Playground environment in Epic is sometimes challenging. We make it available to physicians, but the idea we had was being able to say “this is the workflow I want you to follow.” If you let people loose on the Playground, they may learn bad habits or not follow the workflow.

We currently use Playground mostly to show a select crowd what we have developed in Epic and ask them to shake it down. We use Ancile to teach best practices. Both tools have very different agendas for us. We saw early on that Playground was not fit to do what we needed to educate the masses, and that’s why we looked for a different tool.

Any future plans Eddy?

We started off with limited licenses, and every time we turned around we had a new idea to use the tool, so we are now on enterprise license. We are rolling out Stork, so we are making the curricula to train the labor and delivery staff, OBs and pediatricians. We are looking at a couple of additional modules from Epic for the revenue cycle, replacing the billing system, and rolling out one system for cardiology. So with any upgrade, change or implementation, we’ll be using Ancile to show the differences in the flows – it’s our go-to education platform moving forward.

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